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Peter Rork

Peter E. Rork, MD, a retired orthopedic surgeon, co- founded Dog is My CoPilot in 2012, with the goal of saving as many animals’ lives as possible. DIMC has saved over 16,000 dogs from needless euthanasia through its air transportation. DIMC transports at-risk animals from overcrowded shelters to adoption centers in other parts of the US. DIMC works with a network of 100 animal shelters and nonprofit animal rescue organizations in 15 states.


Lillie Kneeland

At 9 months old, Tesla chewed through an electrical cord which shocked her. The electrical current ran through the side of her face, the roof of her mouth and out her right eye. This left a hole in her mouth, ruptured her eye and ruined her tongue. The Diamond Dachshund Rescue in San Antonio, TX took her in and got her the she needed and gave her a loving medical foster home with Lillie Kneeland. Lillie cared for Tesla and ended up adopting her. Tesla is now 7 years old.


Chris Perondi

Chris Perondi started the first original Stunt Dog Show. Since then, he and wife Suhey, along with their other two teams, have produced over 10,000 live shows. Chris, Suhey, and their rescue dogs travel the country performing at state fairs and other live shows. Chris advises his audience to spay and neuter their pets during every show and educates them on the incredible life that rescued dogs can lead.


Monica Brown

Effie was kept in a hot, Texas garage in a small plastic tupperware bin. Because of this, she had massive injuries including broken bones in her back and was not able to move her lower half of her body. Monica began fostering Effie, through Apollo Support and Rescue, when Effie was 6 months old. Gunnar’s Wheels donated a Walkin Wheels wheelchair for Effie to learn how to run and play. Walkin Wheels also sponsored her in the NYC Pet Fashion Show. After Monica adopted Effie, she started a nonprofit to help other special needs dog families.


Jessica Nicoderma

Jessica Nicodemo, a volunteer with Big Dog Ranch, organized the Island Relief Project, which helped over 100 dogs find homes and fosters. These dogs came from overcrowded and underfunded shelters in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. The dogs were transported by plane to South Florida, where 10 rescues greeted the dogs, got them walked, gave them water and got them to foster homes and their forever homes.


Tami Stone

Kaja Joe was in bad shape when she was first pulled to screen as a search and rescue canine with Texas A&M Task Force 1. Despite her obvious signs of abuse, Kaja Joe passed the screening with flying colors and began living and training with her handler Tami Stone. Since 2017, Tami and Kaja have been active members of the Texas A&M Task Force 1 canine search and rescue team where they’re deployed to search for survivors in the aftermath hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters.


Britney Stephens

Brianna, a good Samaritan, found Petunia on the side of the road. Petunia had been shot in the face and had 200 BB pellets in her skull and body. No area shelters would take her in because of the injuries, so Brianna contacted her friend and fellow animal lover Brittany, who founded Infinity Farms. The recovery process has been long – including two additional surgeries, removal of her eye, and blindness in her other eye due to a detached retina. Brittany is constantly in awe of Petunia’s resilience and kind nature, due to her rough start in life.


Jenny Wolff

At 10 years old, Ruby was hit by a car and badly injured. She had a collapsed lung, dislocated left hip, spinal and bladder damage and several other injuries. Dallas Pets Alive stepped in hours before she was to be euthanized and immediately brought her to an emergency vet. Ruby had a miraculous recovery,m especially for an older dog. During this time, Jenny was looking for an older dog to adopt, because she didn’t want the chaotic energy of a puppy. Ruby and Jenny were a perfect fit.


Aaron Ellis

Dixie, a 3-month-old abused Chihuahua, was looking for a new home. Becki Cleveland, a friend of Aaron’s, saw Dixie and knew that she would be a perfect emotional support dog for Aaron, who suffered from depression, anxiety and PTSD. Aaron and Dixie have been together for 12 years and they are both very happy and healthy. obvious signs of abuse,