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In the series premiere of To the Rescue: Tommy Habeeb is along for the ride, as rescue dogs take the ultimate journey to get to their forever homes. From the coastal plains of Puerto Rico, to the streets of Chicago, and the rolling hills of Texas hill country – every mile is meaningful when the final destination is adoption day!

Featured Rescuers:
Animal Care Services San Antonio | Frisco Emergency Pet Care
Dog is My Co-PilotBevill Dog Behavior
Rescued by Rico


Coming October 24! Tommy Habeeb is heading back to basics because this week is all about the newbies. From families adding a member to the pack for the very first time. To Rookie volunteers, dipping their toes into the world of rescue and First-time fosters, diving head first into the pool. These are second-chance ‘tails’ of people who are new to rescue.


Coming October 31: Tommy Habeeb is back on the road, shining a spotlight on amazing dogs who overcome the odds. The sky’s the limit for one Texas couple who took their three-legged friend straight to the winner’s circle. And for another, a set of wheels was the golden ticket to the ultimate New York City adventure. From a grateful blind dog who gives back, to a group of stunt dogs who take their talents on tour – One thing is certain: across the nation, rescue dogs know no bounds!

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