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To The Rescue

The Heartwarming Stories of Rescue Dogs


Homeward Bound

In this week’s episode of “To the Rescue”, Tommy Habeeb is going global! When the mission of dog rescue spans distances far and wide, the crusade to get dogs to their forever family knows no bounds. Whether it’s by plane, bus, or on their own four legs – no trek is too long when it means bringing these dogs home.

Tommy Habeeb

“Thousands of people are working tirelessly every day to save dogs who need their help, and our show lifts the veil on the world of dog rescue and the incredible work of these everyday heroes.”

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One Rescue at a Time

The journey to a loving home starts with the rescue. To The Rescue follows the story of what it takes to rescue dogs from precarious and dangerous situations, and the brave people who help them.

Help Rescues Find Their Forever Families

To The Rescue highlights the arduous and selfless journey thousands of people take to help dogs in need. From animal rescue organizations to foster families, everyone plays a part. We’re happy to highlight how these people are making a difference in the world, one rescue pup at a time. “It takes a team to save a dog’s life. So, while ‘To The Rescue’ is ultimately a story about dogs, it’s also about all the amazing people who go to great lengths to rescue them.”

We hope you find yourself inspired to join our cause.

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